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Club History

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Past Presidents:

RI Theme: Reach Within to Embrace Humanity
2011-12 President District Governor RI President
Di Borella Graham Koch Kalyan Banerjee (Binota)

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RI Theme: Building Communities Bridging Continents
2010-11 President District Governor RI President
Joy Passmore Alan Church Ray Klinginsmith

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RI Theme: The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands
2009-10 President District Governor RI President
Wendy Mackay Brendan Porter John Kenny

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RI Theme: Make Dreams Real
2008-09 President District Governor RI President
Quentin Kilian Phil Dempster Dong_kurn Lee

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RI Theme: Rotary Shares
2007-08 President District Governor RI President
Heather Traeger Joanne Schilling Wilfrid J Wilkinson

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RI Theme: Lead the Way
2006-07 President District Governor RI President
Sandy Oldroyd Craig Bowen William B Boyd

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RI Theme: Service above Self
2005-06 President District Governor RI President
Diana Leeder Peter Kaye Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar

Literacy, service above self and issues associated
with provision of clean drinking water were major
focus themes for Diana's year. Assistance was provided to the Darwin Public Libraries for a local literacy project. Enthusiastic fund raising including a major raffle organised by Maxine Flanagan with assistance from all members of the Club resulted in sufficient funds being raised to provide a donation of $5000 to the Darwin Hospice and to sponsor anti malerial nets for a New Guinea village as part of Rotarians Against Malaria. During Diana's year the Club began the process of moving to the new RI recommended Club structure.

RI Theme: Celebrate Rotary
Our Centennial President District Governor RI President
Malika Okeil Trevor Williams Glenn E. Estess, Sr.

Malika Okeil had a fantastic year as the Centennial President. She started off the year with a focus group meeting planning the activities and events for the year. And it was certainly one of the most successful and busiest years for the club which gave all club members the opportunity to participate in events and enjoy the club and inter-club fellowship. Malika also introduced "Rotary Friends" to the club, as an extension of our club and Rotary Family.

RI Theme: Lend a Hand
2003-04 President District Governor RI President
Graham Wright Mike Rennie Jonathan B. Majiyagbe

Graham took on the role of President with ease; his motto was to "Do it the Wright Way". This was understandable as he was Charter President of Ballarat West Rotary Club.
He injected a laid-back warmth to the club giving the club an even greater reputation as the fun club of Darwin.

RI Theme: Sow the Seeds of Love
2002-03 President District Governor RI President
Rod Strong Jeff Crofts Bhichai Rattakul

Rod was a year before his time, as he stepped in the President's role at the last minute after Colin Collard moved on to Perth. He took on the role with enthusiasm and learned along the way. He was always amazed at the greater achievements of Rotary. Rod was an inveterate fisherman and the club was always treated to tall tales. He was also famous for his extended committee meetings where a bottle of red wine was a prerequisite for attending.

RI Theme: Mankind is our Business
2001-02 President District Governor RI President
Martyn Wilkinson PHF Terry Lees Richard D. King

Martyn called himself the reluctant president, but very strongly saw the presidency as an opportunity to give back to the club a little of what he had gained from it. In his year, the NT Nurseryman's Association instigated the revamped garden show into 'The Tropical Garden Spectacular' which provided the club an opportunity to add to their coffers by manning the gate. Martyn always had a joke on hand whenever an opportunity arose, especially in the public arena. He assured members that club meetings would remain informal and the Manual of Procedure (MOP) would not be required.

*Charter member

RI Theme: Create Awareness, Take Action
2000-01 President District Governor RI President
Harry Coehn PHF Frank Darvaniza Frank Devlyn

Harry enjoyed a hands-on approach to community service projects and took a strong interest in member inclusiveness. He was atypical of the club's relaxed approach to bureaucracy and unnecessary formality.

*Charter member

RI Theme: Rotary 2000: Act with Consistency, Credibility, Continuity
1999-00 President District Governor RI President
Sivaram Vemuri John Gough Carlo Ravizza

Sivaram, one of our club's philosophers. He introduced his directors' team as the 'A Team', with emphasis on planning, as he stated that 'failing to plan is planning to fail'. He had a wonderful year, as he says, of 'ups and ups' and can 'stand tall' though no mean feat for him. During Sivaram's year, the inaugural Ambulance Officer of the Year Award - a Pride of Workmanship Award was launched successfully both with support from St John, the community and Government.

*Charter member

RI Theme: Follow your Rotary Dream
1998-99 President District Governor RI President
Reg Prasad PHF John McLaren James L. Lacy

Reg's catch phrases included have fun, teamwork and communication. One of the club's "ideas people", Reg is well remembered for his silent movie fundraisers and his tilt at a Rotary International anthem. He was involved as the initiator of the club's involvement in the annual Tropical Garden Spectacular. He took part in the Pedlin Pete project joining the group in riding the last 40kms into Darwin on a bike as a fundraiser for ARHRF /TRF and Australian Kidney Foundation.

He often observed that the strength of the club and its community profile is directly proportional to its ability to fundraise and that the bonding and fellowship amongst members is a natural outcome of a particular project.

RI Theme: Show Rotary Cares for your community, for our world,
for its people
1997-98 President District Governor RI President
Len Marinovich PHF Jim Beresford Glen W. Kinross

Len was a flamboyant member and president, known for his bowties, his accordion playing at club's social events, his love of vintage cars and his infamous "drip feed" weekly Rotary information segments. During the year we assisted the Katherine Flood Appeal by a huge donation of $5,000 through Red Cross.

RI Theme: Build the Future with Action and Vision
1996-97 President District Governor RI President
Kym Johnson
Julie Nicholson PHF
Laurie Evans Luis Vicente Giay

Unfortunately Kym stepped down from his presidency shortly into his year and later moved to the UK, however, he did attend meetings for most of the year. One of Julie's goals as acting President was to improve communication and feedback within the club. Julie certainly had a busy year, as well as taking on the presidency she was also committed as secretary for the Orchid Spectacular, treasurer for Rotary's Clean Up Australia program in Darwin and organising her wedding to Martyn Wilkinson in August 1997. However a successful year across all avenues of service.

RI Theme: Act with Integrity, Serve with Love, Work for Peace
1995-96 President District Governor RI President
Gerry Swan PHF
Grant Lawrence Herbert G. Brown

Gerry was instrumental in establishing one of the club's high profile and successful community service and fundraising projects taking over management of the Annual Orchid Spectacular Flower and Garden Show. Gerry was also extremely impressed by the way Rotary was able to do so much for so many people from the grand scale of Rotary International's Polio Plus program to helping individuals in so many ways through our own club.

*Charter member

RI Theme: Be a Friend
1994-95 President District Governor RI President
Ian Menzies
Kevin Schreiber William H. Huntley

Ian, who was previously an army captain, captained a year's activities, including the "Adopt a Park" project (Rosella Park in Wulagi) and the Telecom Exchange Open Day where exotic satay meats were provided. Ian was an ideas man with lots of enthusiasm to boot.

*Charter member

RI Theme: Believe in What You Do - Do What You Believe in
1993-94 President District Governor RI President
Chris Wardle
Bernie Plew Robert R. Barth

As President, Chris achieved immense personal growth and challenges, and had a very rewarding year. On looking back, he not only highlights the strength of the club, but also states that not only do we play a strong and active role in our local community, we are part of something global.

*Charter member

RI Theme: Real Happiness is Helping Others
1992-93 President District Governor RI President
Peter Gumley
Kevin Holmes Clifford L Dochterman

Peter was General Manager of Telecom in the Northern Territory and was often on the road travelling. Nevertheless, Peter was diligent in providing his weekly President's Message to the club. Peter instigated the Rotary 4 Way Test stubby cooler fundraiser, which the club still has plenty of. It was also in his year that the infamous club "Waffle Machine" was purchased with the view to selling waffles at the Parap Markets.

*Charter member

RI Theme: Look Beyond Yourself
1991-92 President District Governor RI President
Brian Slatter Robert Norman Rajendra K. Saboo

Brian exemplified the spirit of Rotary fellowship and ensured the club members enjoyed a year of fun and service combined.

*Charter member

RI Theme: Look Beyond Yourself
1990-91 President District Governor RI President
Geoff Dawson and
John Revel

Graham Christiansen Paulo V.C. Costa

Geoff started with the goal of 50% membership growth and considered it important to have fun when raising funds. Unfortunately, Geoff was transferred to Perth four months before the end of his presidency.

*Charter member

John Revel took over the presidency and was proud to represent the club, especially one that honoured the RI statement that "Rotary does not make any distinctions of race, religion, nation or political persuasion" to which he added 'gender'. In the year, the board formulated the club's by laws as well as club practices.

*Charter member

RI Theme: Enjoy Rotary!
1989-90 President District Governor RI President
Tom Williams Jim Smith Hugh M. Archer

Tom Williams was the Charter President of the club and was proud to have received its charter. He boasted having a past District Governor, three past Presidents and several former Rotarians in the new club.

He stated that the club was only as strong as the fellowship it encourages, and that there was a need to foster the bond of friendship between members as this was the recipe to grow a willingness to serve, rather than an obligation to serve.

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