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Club History

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Charter Members

Chartered on 26th July 1989 with the following members.




Tom Williams
Business Consultancy
John Burton
Information Systems
Brian Slatter
Building Societies
Steve Glennon
Investment Advising
PP Dan Styles
Harry Coehn
Personnel Management
Andrew Leo
Govt Building Services , Electrical
Clive Weeks
Project Management
Chris Wardle
Desk Top Publishing
Graeme Dennehy
Engineering Maintenance
Geoff Spring
Education Administration
Sivaram Vemuri
University - Economics
PDG Guan Yeo
SA (Medicine, General Practice)
Geoff Dawson
Steel Products Distribution
Barry Haydon
Statistic Analysis
Bob Woodward
Management Consultancy
Tony Hourigan
Airlines International
Colin Collard
Accounting Chartered
PP David Newton
SA (Public Utility - Electricity)
Peter Rundle
Banking Retail
Alan Powell
University - Faculty of Arts
Peter Gumley
Telecommunications national
Gerry Swan
Insurance General
Martyn Wilkinson
Road Freight Management
Max Chalmers
Hospital Management
Peter Dabovitch
Import Substitution
Gordon Onn
Marine Retail
Neil Bromley
Truck Sales & Service
Frank Lam
Peter Kelly
Paint Distribution
Dave Cormack
Real Estate
PP Tim Dwyer
Refrigerated Transportation
Jim Thomson
University Administration

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| Our Club | Club History 1st 16 Yrs download | Past Presidents|